At Kerseys we are committed to providing an excellent service. We want our clients to feel that they have had a very high standard of legal advice and an efficient, friendly and cost-effective service.

A great deal of our business comes from existing clients or people who have been referred to us by existing clients. We know that by providing a very high quality service we are not only ensuring that our clients are satisfied but we are also building our business.

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Getting Feedback

We are always happy to receive letters from clients telling us their views about the service we are providing. Often, clients contact us as a courtesy when we have finished dealing with their case.

However, we also like to obtain feedback on a more formal basis, so we randomly select two clients from each department each month whose matters have recently completed. We then send these clients our Kerseys Client Survey form along with a stamped addressed envelope.

It is up to the client whether they complete the form anonymously or provide their details.

As with all such surveys, the forms are not all completed and returned to us. However, we believe that the completed forms that are returned to us represent a reasonable cross-section of our clients’ views.

We are pleased to say that the response as a whole is overwhelmingly positive, with many clients giving us top marks on a whole range of aspects of our service.

We regularly review the returned survey forms to see if we can use clients’ responses to improve any aspects of our work or our office.

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